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When it feels uncomfortable, you're on the right track

Sometimes when we make decisions in our lives they directly affect our business. We have trouble staying focused on our goals because we forget the most important tool that guides our business and the decisions we make day-to-day.

That thing that we tend to forget to focus on is our VISION:

  1. of where we see ourselves in the future

  2. of who we want to become

  3. of life we really want to live.

It is so incredibly important that we focus our vision so that we can see our future manifest into reality!

It's not easy, no!

But it's worth it.

Every successful entrepreneur can attest to it.

If you're struggling with staying focused on you may need some business coaching and some feedback or critique about where could make some drastic changes. That is the very reason I am working hard toward my goal right now. Having a mentor has changed my business for the better.

This week I hosted my first (of many) online classes and it was such a great experience. Be sure to join our email list so that you receive notifications for all of our upcoming online events!

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