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Believe in Your Ability to Learn Something New to Increase Your Value

What would you say if I told you that I believe ANYONE CAN become a photographer and do it well?

Why would I say that?

Wouldn’t I just simply want to be hired as often as possible? The answer is no.

I learned on my journey that photography is a learned skill. While some can master it without much effort it actually requires an investment of your time, thoughtfulness, and continuous practice.

As a photographer, it is so easy to just get frustrated that people aren’t willing to pay you, your worth. Photography isn’t dead, it’s been taken over by entrepreneurs and influencers with a story to tell! It can take time to develop your niche and personal style based on the amount of interest and time that you give to it. If you have ever considered hiring a photographer to photograph something simple and you changed your mind because of their price, I have three things to tell you that they probably never will:

  1. Professional photographers deserve every single penny they charge to fulfill their business goals

  2. Professional photographers invest 10-20x more into their education than what they are charging you

  3. You are more than capable of learning to capture simple shots or how to source the images you need elsewhere **until** your business is killing it!

Then, you can hire the photographer of your dreams and pay them what they are worth.

The most important thing is that you work with what you have now, and keep moving forward toward your business goals.

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