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It’s Possible to Visualize Success with the Right Tools in Your Hand

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

The moment that I knew it was possible to become a professional photographer was when I photographed a friend’s wedding upon her request. I showed up with my point-and-shoot Fuji Finepix camera and did my very best to document their special moments throughout the day. I felt unsure of myself as I attempted to capture moments behind the scenes. It felt surreal at that very moment.

It was the first time that I was holding a camera intending to test my ability to use it as a tool. My abilities shined as I honed in on a beautiful second in time, right as their lips met. I was unsure if the capture had been documented since the point and shoot digital camera had a bit of a delay. It filled me with joy and excited me about what would come from choosing this tool as I prepared myself for the future.