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Reclaiming Power Through the Protest of Breastfeeding

I believe that there is an essential protest black families need to be engaging in to bring lasting change and restoration to the black community. That protest is breastfeeding. It is essential because the separation of the black family unit is the root of our intergenerational trauma.

This week, August 25-31 is Black Breastfeeding Week and it is a very special time of celebration, considering the drastic health disparities in the black community.

Watch me speak to Felisha Floyd, IBCLC about how we can experience healing, unity, and the reclamation of our power through restoring the relationship of the black mother-baby dyad.

Then join me here on Mon 8/31 2p PST to learn to set sustainable goals for parenthood and business in my new [free] webinar "Envision Livelihood for Your Family."

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