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Latch the Gap: You Know Better, Now Do Better Vol. 1

About the book

When mothers look back at their perinatal experiences they will often reflect about what they loved, learned, or regret. It was Vanessa Simmons’ bout with perinatal mood disorder (postpartum depression, anxiety, and psychosis), a traumatic hospital stay, and a near death sedative experience that opened her eyes to the fact that this journey must be one of intentional dedication to her perinatal personal growth and development.


Vanessa learned to make conscious choices during birth and breastfeeding about what she desired and what she didn’t. She knew deep down that if she went back to the OB/GYN who told her that vomiting 8-10 times a day with hyperemesis was normal, it could possibly lead to a dangerous, if not fatal delivery. Vanessa Simmons dedicates this work to the black community, specifically, because of the disparities that they have faced and tried to overcome for such a long time. As a first generation Ghanaian-American, Simmons believes that each disparity can be resolved with an individual focus on maternal health care to give mothers, fathers, and babies an optimally supported start to new life.

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